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A tried and true Craft Day method: 

  1. Wander around your home and find 5 items that you might otherwise throw away

  2. Lay the items out onto a surface in front of you

  3. Consider each of them pulled apart and added together - what visions begin to emerge?

  4.  Bring your idea(s) to life!

  5. If you're stumped, do another lap of your house and add new items to the pile, then repeat Steps 2-4.

Craft Day_Ideas_Decoupage.jpg


Transform an ordinary object into a work of art using simple supplies: paper cutouts + glue

What you'll need:
- A surface (tissue box, cardboard box, jar, toiler paper roll, soup can, etc.) 

- Paper (magazines, newspapers, tissue paper, construction paper, or even leaves, fabric, etc.) 

- Mod Podge (or any similar adhesive used to seal the finished design)

- Small- or medium-sized brushes

- Scissors 

Click here to access the full instructions to create your masterpiece!

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Gingerbread Houses

Create your architectural masterpiece from graham crackers, then add M&M's, candy canes, drops - or whatever you like - for the design!

Frosting Recipe:
- Egg Whites (in cartons from the supermarket, or separated from the yolks of whole eggs) 

- Cream of tartar

- Confectionery sugar

- Food coloring (optional)

  1. Pour a large amount of confectionery sugar into your bowl, add egg whites and start to mix.

  2. Don't forget to add a good shake of cream of tartar.

  3. As it mixes if it's too gooey, add confectionery sugar. If it's too thick, add egg whites.

  4. Clean your mixing bowl and mixing tools in hot water. The excess frosting will melt away!


Tips for colored frosting:

Add your colors by stirring them into your individual bowls. Don't add it in the large bowl--otherwise you're committed to that one color. Popsicle sticks work best to use to spread the frosting. Buy food coloring that comes with a top so you can put in a few drops at a time until you get the color you want.

Post your pictures on the "Share" page of this site when you are done!!!

Potato Print_Craft Day.jpg

Potato Prints

Making the ordinary, extraordinary with homemade potato print stamps. Great for making holiday wrapping paper!

What you'll need:
- Medium or large potatoes

- A printing surface (paper, cardboard, fabric, etc.)

- Paint or ink stamp pad

- Paperclip + paper or markers (to create your design on the potato)

- Small knife

Click here to access the full instructions to create your masterpiece!

Craft Day_Stained Glass.jpg

Faux Stained Glass

Create a DIY stained glass piece the old masters would be proud to call their own!

What you'll need:
- Colored tissue paper

- Mod Podge

- Black construction or scrapbook paper

- Black electrical tape (optional)

- Acrylic sheet or heavy acetate

- White paper

- Trash bag or newspaper

Click here to access the full instructions to create your masterpiece!

Branch Weaving_Craft Day.jpg

Branch Weaving

Combine organic and man-made materials to craft a beautiful loom.  

What you'll need:
- Twigs or small branches

- Twine

- Fabric, ribbon, or yarn

Click here to access the full instructions to create your masterpiece!

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