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Helen's Craft Day Squash

A Craft Day classic!



- 1 blue hubbard squash

- Basmati rice

- Dried mushrooms (soak first)

- Slivered almonds

- Raisins

- Gruyere cheese in little cubes

- Garlic (chopped)

- Fresh spinach

- Cubes of butter


1. Heat oven to 350 degrees 

2. Cut little door out of squash and scoop out insides

3. Stuff squash very full with mixture of ingredients  outlined above

4. Replace door before baking
5. Cook until you can poke a fork into the squash with no resistance 

Mugs' Craft Day Chili

Proportions are up to you - this is Craft Day after all!

- Scallions

- Green olives stuffed
   with anchovies

- Bell peppers chopped

- Whole jalapeño pepper


- 90% ground beef 

- Pace Picante Sauce

- Whole tomatoes

- Diced tomatoes

- Tomato paste

- Chopped onion


1. Cook for many hours on low heat

2. Serve with shredded Monterey Jack cheese,
tortilla chips, and Pace Picante salsa

Tip: Call S&S Deli for turkey and roast beef!

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